Monday, March 30, 2009

Where's Reggie?

The little fellow seems to be lost ... at least, according to his new adventure on A Crow's Life. If you curious to see where, click the link below to read Part One of Reggie's latest escapade.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring is in the air, everyone! We hope you all have a taste of warm weather and sweet spring flowers in the coming weeks ...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Martha Stewart's New Craft Blog Makes Its Debut....

For fans of Martha Stewart (and her awesome craft projects) The Crafts Department has launched its own blog, debuting just prior to the release of the all-new Martha Stewart Craft Encyclopedia. The editors work in all craft mediums (dolls, paper, fabric, etc) and share projects, tips, photos worthy of any magazine issue -- only now you post your comments below instead of simply thinking them. Please pay them a visit at this link ... we'll have one added to the blog shortly. Now go get acquainted with a new outlet in the artistic blogosphere!

As Mouse quotes, "It's a Good Thing."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

E-How for New Artists

Beginners in the primitive arts are sometimes overwhelmed by all the lingo and tricks of the trade that more seasoned artists employ. Sharing a few trade "secrets" with new artists is is a goodwill gesture on the part of more experienced crafters, especially in "hard times" like these, when artists new and old are struggling to find a market.
Our First-Ever Primitive Doll

We've begun publishing a series of "how to" articles on, sharing a few basic tips for creating primitive and folk art items. For those of you interested in "primming" a doll, antiquing a gift tag, or creating a few other basic primitive items, we've outlined the steps in (hopefully) short and simple articles. We'll be featuring some of the "essential" tips on our blog.

Our first Featured Article is the oh-so basic method is How To "Antique" a Primitive Doll. The recipe is simple and adaptable for artists who like to experiment. The end result is a perfectly prim cloth doll in muslin or the fabric of your choice. Follow the link above to read the directions and test it out for yourself.

Ta da! The Finished Product on Ehow...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Just In...

The latest edition of "A Crow's Life" is hot off the press! Click the link below to hurry over to Reggie's blog for the newest story.

Friday, March 6, 2009

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling ....

St. Paddy's Day is just around the corner, and many fine artists are offering their spring wares (green, gold, and otherwise). Including our many artist friends whose links you'll find to the right, along with our artist group Old Farmhouse Gathering on Etsy and VIPP (feel free to click their buttons and peruse their great items).

My first celtic creation was an Irish Angel, with sheet music wings and a handpainted green jumpsuit trimmed with a cheesecloth sash. She's still tucked away right now, but she'll emerge in time for the "wearing of the green" (with perhaps a shamrock chain or two).

The second was the mischevious St. Paddy's Day Kitties you see above ... these troublemakers are the same pattern as the Halloween Parade, except for the tiny shamrock top hats. Their paper-mache pot o' gold is just big enough for the three of them (click the photo link to see closeups of the trio).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gone Cuckoo

While searching for inspiration, I occasionally try my hand at unusual patterns. Case in point (and subject of this post) is the "cuckoo clock" phase of last year. Originating with the reproduction cuckoo clock on my wall (similar to the one pictured below).... perusing pictures of a few German patterns....

...and finishing with a needle, thread, and muslin which produced a series of miniature cuckoo clock ornaments made from fabric and wire, complete with little blackbirds emerging from the open shutters. A series of fabric "leaves" frame the sides, a handpainted clock face sewn in the middle.

The one below is from our Etsy shop, the smallest one finished (app. 4" tall, 3" wide). The most detailed, it even includes tiny "pull chains" at the bottom, trimmed with "silver pine cone" beads. The raggedy little blackbird is handsewn and handpainted, held inside by a wire spring.

(to see detailed photos and read more info, click here).

The next inspiration that strikes will hopefully be less challenging than tiny muslin replicas of big clocks...maybe something playful, like paper dolls, will strike my fancy next time.