Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Special Alert!" An all-new story is in progress on "A Crow's Life", featuring pirates, buried treasure, and really nice tanning weather! Hurry over to catch the latest edition and review the previous episodes before this series slips away! This is Reggie Crow with a Bird's Eye Action News! bulletin.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Board Games

Who doesn't love board games? Maybe they're a little old-fashioned, but even technology can't rub out the creative energy in a 1980's copy of "Candyland" or an obscure copy or "Murder, She Wrote", for instance.

"Operation", "Shark Attack", "Monster Mash" -- all still hiding on closet shelves or huddled together in flea market booths, waiting for someone to track them down. That someone is often ME, who can't resist a good bargain or a beloved title (for Christmas, I received a secondhand copy of "Scattergories" for instance).

This vintage gem was one of the Christmas presents given here at the Cabin. Don't you love the cute colored plastic mice? This edition dates from my father's childhood; he and his siblings and cousins grew up with a similar version.

The favorite on the game board shelf is hard to choose ... the time-worn Disney "Yahtzee" edition, the clever "Thirteen Dead End Drive", or maybe the colored stones of "Pente"? Too hard to single one out, I'm afraid.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mercy Brown of Exeter

This little maid of Old Rhode Island has a sinister story ...

Buried in the Exeter Cemetery in 1892, Mercy's mother and sister both died, her brother growing ill until he left home. Mercy herself died; her brother returned, only to grow ill again ...

The story says her father exumed the graves of his family, deeply suspicious that something sinister was at work.

His wife and first daughter were both decomposed ...

... but Mercy's body was suppposedly unchanged: except it lay on its side with blood dripping from its mouth.
The ghost tale behind Mercy's "vampire activities" remains a legend in Exeter Cemetery, with blue lights sometimes spotted around the grave of the Exeter Vampire. Cemetery Stories, Katherine Ramsland, HarperCollins 2001.
Mercy of Exeter is the Latest "Ghost Girl" will be haunting Ebay this week ... click the Chessy Cat on the right to see her.

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Paddy's Day Kitties

Top o' the mornin' to ye! The St. Paddy's Day Kitties have arrived, party hats on in the "wearing of the green" tradition...

Of course, with green eyes, they might not need these snazzy top hats with their shamrock trim (and as for that big Pot o' Gold, well, that's just a little extra, of course).

These fun-loving kitties appear on Etsy right here to see them celebrating in style.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reggie Does a Commercial

Hello, All! Not to give you all pause in your daily activities and what-not, but I'm here to alert you to the all-new story unfolding on my personal, unique, and (dare I say it?) exciting blog on

The latest installment for Spring features an all-new adventure, starring (of course) me and my friends, along with our latest acquaintenances and enemies...
(cue adventure music):
Steal away to a mysterious island ....

... under seige by dark forces ...

... in a search for unspeakable riches ...
It's ...

THE SAND PIRATES ADVENTURE! With breathtaking scenery and stunning action, starring none other than Reggie the Crow as Our Hero, and a cast of thousands!!! Er, well, half a dozen, anyway. Now showing on a Blog Post near you!

Reggie the Crow advises you. Be there.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Humpty Dumpty -- The TRUE Story

Fans of Alice, Wonderland and Nursery lore of all kinds, check out this clever little story that resembles one recently featured on Yahoo! News front page ... the question: why is Humpty Dumpty an Egg, when the poem never specifies?

The poem we all know and love says of Humpty:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
and all the King's Horses and all the King's Men
couldn't put Humpty Together again.

An original published in 1803:
Humpty Dumpty sate [sic] on a wall,
Humpti Dumpti [sic] had a great fall;
Threescore men and threescore more,
Cannot place Humpty dumpty as he was before

Neither emphasizes Humpty as an Egg (and the article and linked Humpty bio explain), making Tenniel's illustrations of Humpty for Alice in Wonderland one of the first depictions of the implied meaning behind Humpty Dumpty.

In honor of Humpty Dumpty's unique story, our own Reggie the Crow has composed an original poem in its honor ...

"Indeed I have -- not only that, but in a unique early English style for all you Chaucer fans. Here below is my own unique take on Humpty Dumpty a la Canterbury Tales."

"Of course. Shakespeare, eat your heart out."
(clears throat) ...
Humpte Dumpte sate on a walle
Humpte Dumpte hade a greate falle
and All the kings Horsese and All the kings Mene
Coule not make Humtpe a whol Egge againe.

"So what do you think? Not bad for a bird versed on Wodehouse, aye?"

Friday, March 5, 2010


'Nuff said about the White Rabbit stuff. Alice is a pro by now at leaping without looking...

Little Alice is all grown up in this version --

-- and sporting something of a heroine's poise.
But as we can see, her taste in friends hasn't changed a bit.

Alice and Company will appear on Ebay this weekend.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cheshire Cat

Enough with Mad Hatters -- this one is clearly a Mad Catter.

Coming this weekend to an Ebay near you ... the Return of the Cheshire Cat!

And friends, of course.