Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dancing Down the Moon

Witch Hazel is ready for a jig 'round the Halloween bonfire ... she's quite flexible when it comes to dancing.

Cut from prim muslin and handpainted, Hazel's jointed limbs are poseable, her body ready to be propped up in a primitive chair or stand or perched on a shelf as a decoration...

She's quite a jolly soul, with her cheerful smile and funny little stripey stocking legs.

Her primitive skirts are cut from raggedy cheesecloth and sewn beneath her painted-on bodice and hood; a primitive broom and a stiffened muslin witch's hat accompanies her.

See Witch Hazel up close in our Etsy shop, Cabin Crafts!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Up in the Halloween Sky

It's a bird, it's a plane ... no wait, it's a giant Jack o' Lantern! Up in the Halloween sky, little Bobby pilots a grinning pumpkin through the silvery nighttime stars...

Handpainted with a metallic enamel sheen, this light-bulb-turned-ornament is trimmed with gold Christmas tinsel. A tiny paper mache baskets dangles below from gold threads, with a double-sided Bobby in pumpkin clown pajamas (he's cut from a reproduction vintage Halloween card).

Bobby and other holiday balloons are on display HERE in our Etsy Cabin Crafts store.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Helpful Hand from Witch Heloise

Need a floor swept sparkling clean? Tips on adding a shine to that cauldron's surface? Just ask Witch Heloise for her tips on working a little Halloween magic (she'll even bring her own broom).

Her green eyes and brown curls are accented by a faded, raggedy dress of muslin pieces and a painted-on bodice. One muslin hat, stiffened with paint, perches atop her head. Heloise has no legs, but a wooden skewer a la puppet-style dolls.

See Witch Heloise up close in our Etsy Cabin Crafts shop.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Ghoulies and Ghosties and Funny Wee Beasties...

Now that the patriotic season is behind us, what lies before us? For primitive artists, the answer is simple: Halloween.

We've just started on our Halloween lineup -- ideas are in the works, sketches are being made, and the all-new line of sculpted dolls is being discussed (with plans, of course, to top last year's "Page Phantoms" and the "Ghostly Gallows" of the year before).

Many of our newest creations will be appearing on Etsy, which is something new for us; traditionally, our Halloween merchandise is concentrated on Ebay. While the sculpted dolls may still appear on Ebay, as tradition dictates, their cute, whimsical, and sometimes macabre friends may be finding places in the shop as soon as we can make them.

From balloons to thaumatropes to shelf sitters and dolls, we never know what Halloween will bring -- short of surprises, that is. In the meantime, we'll be showing off a few of our favorites from the past as we try to inspire ourselves to surpass them!

As for the primitives world at large, we encourage you to visit the work of Old Farmhouse Gathering on Etsy. They'll be hosting their yearly Fall Celebration in the coming months, which features a variety of handmades, folk art, and primitive creations -- check out their current work by typing "ofg team" into the Etsy search blank.

And be prepared from some scary sights in the coming weeks.... mwah ha ha ha ha!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ghost of Halloween Yet to Come

"Boooooooo.... I'm here to haunt you, dear readers, with my spooky presence...the shape of things yet to come on All Hallows Eve --"

You're no Halloween Ghost -- we all know you, Reggie, under that sheet.

"All right, all right, you win. But can I still put it a word for my blog?"

Of course you can, Reg.

"Thanks much. Greetings and salutations, readers! The all-new Halloween story for 'A Crow's Life' is in progress for readers eager to catch up with my exciting adventures! Catch up with the latest installments and stay tuned for the exciting episodes in the coming months!"

An all-new Halloween story, Reggie? Isn't it a little early?

"Well, you're hardly one to talk. Besides, the sooner the better when unfolding a super-scary adventure for the masses, right?"

I suppose you're right, Reg. Folks, click the Crow Button on the right to visit Reggie-the-Crow's personal blog and see what chills and thrills unfold this fall...