Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Canning Jars

Not just any jars, mind you: jars with character and potential, even if their years of use are long behind them. The traditional Mason jar, the Ball and Atlas brands are filled with personality. Colored glass and creative designs, such a delicate circle, a shamrock image, even a simple star create a charming package for making dry mixes for gifts or holding novelty handsoaps for display.

We keeps dozens on hand of any kind for jellymaking, preserves, and canning; but others, with a more special appearance, are confined to display purposes. A shelf in the kitchen is crowded with pale blue glass and clear glass with beautiful embellishments. Used for containing dried herbs or displaying wild flowers -- any means of showing off their beautiful form.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking a Little Break

Well, it's been awhile since a new post appeared on this page, largely due to the number of "spring chores" to keep us
busy. First, the garden, second, the new orchard, third, the "maintenance" made necessary by property expansion (including a little clearing work to remove tangled dead branches to make room for a nut grove).Add Image

In between, not as many artistic endeavors have taken place, although a few new glass balloon ornaments were sketched out ... and a few new ideas for the 2011 Christmas line were discussed. Halloween, of course, is always a must, but the ideas for it are somewhat special, requiring a lot more thought than a traditional Uncle Sam for Fourth of July.

We've also made plans to develop a few recipes inspired by some of our favorite seasonal and holiday treats, as well as launch a few new surprises, so this year promises to be busy!