Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Bones of Quantrill's Ghost

I first read the account of Quantrill's bones in a civil war book I found in a library. A historical narrative, it relayed in detail how the Confederate guerilla was killed in battle, then buried in a grave far away from home. The trouble was, he didn't stay there.

When his mother requested that her son be reburied closer to home, she arranged for Quantrill's best friend to supervise the digging. Quantrill's friend secretly stole his skull and a few other bones -- and sold them to a curiosity collector. Where those bones passed from hand to hand in gruesome displays, with their final role as part of a fraternity rite. Eventually, the identity of the bones was made known, and they were returned to their rightful owner.

Confederate guerilla William Quantrill was laid to rest for good in 1992...but the thought of his bones' long history away from their grave intrigued me...

After all, if you were Quantrill's Ghost, wouldn't you have gone looking for your lost bones?

Beware the Bones.....


Artfulife said...

How absolutely bizarre! Never heard about this, but very interesting. Congrats on the new shop. Thanks for supporting my giveaways.

Ps.The sewing machine has gone a wall. So I will still be sending you something for the cabin, Just not a fabric something like I had wanted. Sorry it's taking so long. Take care.

Pss. Tell the hens and doggies we all said hi.

Stacey said...

Amazing piece! Don't you just love to be inspired by history? I love when they collide. You've captured Quantrill perfectly!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your Quantrill is perfect. Just the right amount of scary with a little touch of humor. Watch him closely in case he takes to wandering around looking for his bones.

I cannot believe what interesting things can be learned from blogs. Thanks for the history.


How unique and interesting. Love your Blog and items! :)

DJ said...

I "love" this! Not only is the figure unique & cool, but the story adds so much to him. Definitely a keeper & wouldn't he be a great addition to someone's Halloween decorating? :)

Later, DebJo