Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Bones of Quantrill's Ghost

I first read the account of Quantrill's bones in a civil war book I found in a library. A historical narrative, it relayed in detail how the Confederate guerilla was killed in battle, then buried in a grave far away from home. The trouble was, he didn't stay there.

When his mother requested that her son be reburied closer to home, she arranged for Quantrill's best friend to supervise the digging. Quantrill's friend secretly stole his skull and a few other bones -- and sold them to a curiosity collector. Where those bones passed from hand to hand in gruesome displays, with their final role as part of a fraternity rite. Eventually, the identity of the bones was made known, and they were returned to their rightful owner.

Confederate guerilla William Quantrill was laid to rest for good in 1992...but the thought of his bones' long history away from their grave intrigued me...

After all, if you were Quantrill's Ghost, wouldn't you have gone looking for your lost bones?

Beware the Bones.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drum Roll Please....And the Winner Is .....

And the winner is ...... The Country Crock!!!

Little Lady Liberty Kitty is thrilled! She's already climbed into an envelope and is ready to mail (so email us your address and she'll be on her way). Thanks again to everyone for playing along (and also to a few new faces for dropping by). We had fun doing this, so we're thinking about doing a Halloween one in a few months....hmmm, we'll have to see....

Also, on a side note, our ebay auctions begin again in August (along with the newest issue of the newsletter); and we're planning within the next few weeks to expand our shipping options to include Canada and some nations overseas, so look for the big announcement when we figure out all the kinks .

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sign Up Below!

Meet Lady Liberty Kitty...she's quite excited to attend the party, but she won't be staying long, since she's moving to a new home....

Sign up below for a chance to win this 6" ornie (she's perfect for hanging on tree or propping on a shelf). We'll be drawing the names and announce the winner on Tuesday, July 22!


What does the deep sea say?

It rolls, it groans,

it splashes and it foams

and it rolls on its weary way

-- The Deep Sea (Where is My Sailor Boy), Traditional

The Pumpkinman Cometh....

This clever little fellow is muslin rags over wire. A seemingly normal Halloween pumpkin patch...morphed into something sinister (see those sharp little rusty teeth? They're cut from an old buckle).

Muslin leaf hands and pumpkin faces peering from his feet....

The pumpkin patch isn't the only haunted place this Halloween...walk along the banks of the water and find the Maid of the Mill Pond awaiting you...

With streaming wet hair and strands of river weeds, this unhappy maid met her fate at her own hands (or perhaps someone else's).