Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jackie Dog (Our Latest Distraction)

The darling face in the photo belongs to Jackie (aka Jacquelyn), our newly-adopted puppy from the animal rescue shelter. A German Shepherd/Collie mix, Jackie's approximately a year old with lots of energy for digging holes and running through the fenced-off old garden.

Angus has taken the news surprisingly well (albeit lying down).

The cats (especially Poppy) not so much ....

She's a little shy, so needless to say we spend a lot of time trying to "get to know her" and make her feel comfortable with her new home. So I apologize in advance for the sparseness of the blog posts during the next few weeks, as I will be running through a small field with a hyper-energetic puppy ....


Roses and Lilacs said...

What a wonderful face! It's always so nice to see an unwanted puppy find a good home. Hugs from me to Jackie.

Pam said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking at my son's new puppy..He is so cute and little..LOL

I love german shepards. THey are beautiful dogs. And that cat is really pretty. I have an orange cat with orange eyes...And a lasho Apso that is almost 12..

Enjoy your new addition.

Hugs pam