Friday, July 31, 2009

Lye Soap Like Grandma Used to Make

The title above is no misnomer, since lye soap was the soap of choice in rural regions and farm communities, where lye was plentiful and homemade.

The bars you see here are plain and white (brown, white, and cream are the usual colors). This hardworking soap is reputed to remove stains, sooth skin, and even deterr bugs.

Whereas, the pumpkin-colored bars below are infused with peppermint tea, creating a warm, speckled bar that smacks of dessert. We wrap the bars in brown paper for photography purposes, but all bars are wrapped in plastic and padded before shipping to keep them fresh and undamaged.

There are more photos and information on the soap on our Etsy link to the right -- it's a handmade craft well worth Googling up, since the process is a unique mixture of time, special ingredients (and occasional creativity on the part of each soap artist).

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