Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mad About Wodehouse (or a Few of Our Favorite Things)

Among the many Favorite Things which we've collected over the years are books. The latest is my developed passion (nay, an addiction) to Wodehouse's novels -- the Jeeves series topping the list . Far and away, my favorite is "Right Ho, Jeeves", as pictured below ...

...which was adapted for the Fry and Laurie version of "Jeeves and Wooster". The addiction to Wodehouse resulted in a substantial Ebay purchase of 30 (yes, count 'em, 30) Wodehouse novels in a sizeable lot, complete with several Jeeves as well as the "Blandings" series and a couple of his best stand-alone works. Reissued dozens of times, the pictures and names vary from America to Britain, but Wodehouse's humor is equally funny on either side of the ocean.

The miniseries version is perfect adaptation for Masterpiece Theater fans (with a dash of Monty Python-worthy silliness thrown in). Check out the prices and volumes available on Amazon or Ebay for a bargain on Wodehouse's British masterpieces on page and screen.

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