Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wizard of Oz Was Here ....

The Wizard of Oz is a book (and movie, of course) that weaves itself into almost everyone's childhood memories. On my own part, I watched the film countless times and owned no less than five VHS copies at the time; and read and re-read my threadbare 60's-era copy of Baum's original story.

The classic MGM film version of Baum's magical tale is celebrating 70 years of entertaining audiences this month, complete with a hi-def theater showing for lucky fans in some cities and a special dvd release for fans who prefer to celebrate at home.

In honor of this special anniversary, we've put thread and needle together to create a miniature version of his plucky little heroine a la Judy Garland.

Mini Dorothy is hand-sewn with a face drawn in soft colored pencils. Braided yarn hair is tied with tiny blue cloth ribbons to match her raggedy blue plaid skirt.

Her hand-painted Ruby slippers are trimmed with bows made from red metallic ribbons. Her wooden feet are secured to her Yellow Brick Road stand.

With tiny Toto in tow, she's off to the big annversary celebration ... catch more photos of her on Ebay this week by clicking the vanishing Cheshire Cat link on the right.

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