Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Little Big Books of Everything

For Christmas, I received one of my all-time weaknesses (and another missing piece for my collection): The Little Big Book of Halloween.

I'm not just a sucker for all things Halloween, but a sucker for Little Big Books in general. The Tabori series of whimsical thick volumes, rife with amazing vintage illustrations and clever stories from the who's who of literature ... plus recipes, advice, how-tos, and other extras ... are irresistable from cover to contents.

As if it's not clever enough, these grown-up volumes packaged like children's books (for the child at heart, of course), the series covers anything and everything, making it impossible to own just one.

There's the Little Big Book for Dads ...

... for Moms ...

... of Christmas, for tidings of comfort and joy all year round.

And many, many more, including the Little Big Book of Dogs, of Weddings, of Pregnancy, of Girls .... well, I could go on and on here, but it's time to stop. And maybe read another chapter of "Chills and Thrills".
For curious readers, the vintage illustrations are gleaned from the cream of the children's crop and marvelous vintage cards and ads of old. A few names? Try Jessie Wilcox Smith and Kate Greenaway, for starters.

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