Monday, April 21, 2008

Picnics, Parades, and Independence Day Parties

I finished the second Uncle Sam today (this one with a postman motif). My favorite postcard in his bag is the one with the eagle painted on it. And I love his little painted button boots.

"Rosemary's girls" are all assembled for a photo (one of these little ladies has already sold; the other two are not quite finished). The faded Americana dress is handpainted; the one in the red and blue pinafore dress is a little seamstress, I think, who doesn't have her sampler yet. (An Angel of Mercy is in the works, too).

I've been busy cutting a new series of dolls (now that Wonderland is done)... here's a peek at one of the new "bodies" -- more pics (and details) to come when the mystery is revealed...

The Lady Liberties are wishing everyone a happy 4th (with lots of picnics and parades of course)

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