Monday, April 7, 2008

Rowdy the Artist (or Adventures of a Cordwood Cabin Cat)

Rowdy spends most of his day window-gazing.....

... until I break out the paint brushes, that is.

(Rowdy watching art in progress....on the forbidden paper zone)
Where his obsession with painting emerged, we're not sure, especially since he's not allowed to actually touch any paints (wet paint is a big no-no for pets, for health puposes and the sake of our furniture). but as the newsletter signup to the right indicates, Rowdy can't resist art utensils.

If I rinse out a brush in the middle of a project, I'll always return to find Rowdy sprawled out on my newspaper, sniffing the latest creation. He's always careful never to spill anything, or do anything more than sniff, but he clearly considers the workspace (and latest work of art) his own.

I'm considering buying him a non-toxic paints set and letting him paint postcards.... in a tarped-off area, of course.

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