Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Been a Quiet Week in Lake Wobegone...

But not here, unfortunately. We've been swamped with 4th of July projects all in desperate need of finishing (here's pics of the ones who made it). I've been stitching Pinky's wings on, but his little felt form is slow in coming, so he may be stuck in crafting captivity another week.

The little ladies are almost my favorites. It's the little rolling carts that draw me in, I think.

If the Republican party wants to use this photo in their campaign, they're welcome to it.

We're moving on to something new in the next few weeks, not to mention posting some pics of October's stuff in the works. The new doll series which replaces Wonderland will make its photographic debut shortly (here's a sneak peak at one of the new characters -- I think he looks like a cross between Yoda and a Corgi right now, but I love his little white paws).

He's a little shy. But he'll come out from under the basket eventually.

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