Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't Miss This!!

Dreaming of the perfect picture ...

Summer's little girl is having a hard time choosing which cutie gets its picture painted....

Our good friend Summer Swanson is hosting a fantastic giveaway on her Artfulife blog! A creative painter/all around artist whose work is filled with whimsy and color, Summer is offering the winner the opportunity to choose what subject they want painted (animal subject, that is).

Pick your pet kitty, your frisbee-fetching pooch, or maybe your favorite imaginary pet (let's say the giraffe you envision in your back yard). The finished piece will be similiar to what you see in this post, in the style of beautiful children's whimsy.

Summer's three adorable owls

Definitely a giveaway worth giving a hoot about....or in some cases, maybe a mew or a woof... so click the magic curious kitten button below to visit Summer's Artfulife Giveaway. Artfulife has hosted a series of giveaways this summer, in addition to featuring Summer's beautiful artwork.

(The Magic Curious Kitten Button)

The grand opening of Summer's Artfulife Etsy shop will also be taking place shortly, as she joins the Etsy family of artists...we'll be adding a link to her shop on our links list or as a button.

P.S. -- 'Tis the season to change the featured item in our own little'll see the ever-popular mini muslin cuckoo-clock just waiting to perch on the edge of a shelf.

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Artfulife said...

I just adore you guys, thank you once again for all your kind and thoughtful words.