Monday, August 11, 2008

Your Grandmother's Halloween

Isn't this a perfect Halloween card? It sent vintage-thrill-chills up my spine when someone in the workshop stumbled upon the site the other day. As a lover of old postcards, I couldn't resist saving a few for future use...

The website is Please drop by and enjoy their public domain vintage finds, and check out their web magazine for holiday crafts (but please stick to the rules; don't compile and sell their free images as cd-rom or printable collections). There's a little something for everyone, so browse through their long list of subjects!


Roses and Lilacs said...

What a wonderful site. Thanks for the url.

I agree, those old vintage cards are great.

Anonymous said...

that looks awesome!

Poulsbo florist

Work'nPlay said...

Thanks so much for not only writing about my Vintage Holiday Crafts blog, but also for mentioning our terms of use!

I'm glad you enjoy the images. I have a lot of fun collecting and posting them. :-)

Cordwood Cabin said...

Thanks to work'nplay for sharing them with all of us! Anyone who takes the time to preserve and share those images deserves credit!