Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Mystery of Edwin Drood....Solved?

The Mystery of Edwin Drood was the last novel of Charles Dickens. A dark, brooding story regarding the sudden disappearance of an innocent young man, the mystery was destined to remain unanswered with Dickens' death prior to the story's end.

The unfinished manuscript has been "completed" by several authors, both great and clever, but the speculation regarding Dickens' real ending continues on. Was Edwin Drood murdered? If so, who killed him? And where did they conceal his body?

By far, the concept of the gloomy church crypts overseen by grim Durdles, the masoleums locked away with their mouldering bodies and carved inscriptions, remains the most popular place of concealment for Drood's body.

Poor Edwin Drood

Buried in the grave.

Look upon the stone

But none can find his name


Roses and Lilacs said...

That is interesting. I never read that novel. I should. I love a good mystery.

Anonymous said...

This is cool! I love the face you gave him and the "decaying" clothing!


Artfulife said...

I love how you spotlight literature for you dolls, so fun and interesting. May I do a post next week on all your cute Halloweeny dolls? Just let me know.