Friday, September 19, 2008

Send Me a Postcard From ...

For all those readers curious about the postcard feature at the bottom of the blog, I wanted to do a post on our love for postcards (of any kind, but especially vintage).

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Flea markets, antique stores, estate sales, and forgotten drawers in old writing desks are full of these miniature letters accompanied with colored pictures. My first postcard was wooden, from a primitive arts and crafts center. Hummingbirds were delicately cut and blackened in the wood grain, along with curving trumpet flowers.

The ones you see above are a mixture of gifts from friends on various trips (the zany one is from a Norman Rockwell art exhibit), which have spent years pinned to message boards or sticky-taped to dorm room walls...

Included above, Stork Island and the Shores of Galveston

Several of those we feature on the blog are from a vintage lot purchased at a flea market. The lot dates from the '40's and '50's era, with technicolor-ish scenes of U.S. landmarks (like "oranges and snow in the California mountains"). Three seperate stories unfold on the back of these vintage cards, with notes scribbled on the back and old-fashioned pink and green stamps (and equally old-fashioned postmarks across them).

One set of colorful U.S. attractions features the cross-country road trip made by a family en route to visit their uncle. Another set of cards chronicles a married couple's tour of medical clinics in search of treatment for a debilitating disease. A few others are simple notes mailed from home, remarking on the weather, the birds in the backyard, or a recent conversation.

(Above, Penguins and the Manhattan Skyline, circa 1987)

Whether kept in boxes or tucked in books as markers, a good postcard is always worth keeping ...


Artfulife said...

I too love vintage paper goods. There is a antique store here that has tons of old postcards. I will have to go take a peak and see what I can find for you. Can you send me your address one more time? I just started an online file, with the names and addresses of all my blogging friends. Somehow I deleted your message with your address in it. I have a little something to send your way. (Not what I wanted) but hopefully this will be ok until I get my machine working again. Hope to hear from you, and hope you ya'll are enjoting the cooler fallish weather.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love old postcards too. I have a small collection of cards with photos of my home town. What fun to see Main Street with horses and wagons and State St with a trolley.