Monday, December 29, 2008

A Mini Wonderland

The "big" version of Wonderland was so much fun to make, I decided to do a Pocket Prim version of its characters (complete with a raggedy little pouch all their own).

Mini Alice is handpainted from her blue bodice to her tiny stockings and shoes, her raggedy blue skirt hand-sewn. Her face is hand-drawn with detail from colored pencils.

The little White Rabbit has an awfully big pocketwatch (and lots of grungy tea stains)...

The Mad Hatter just looks .... well, mad.

Oh, my, don't tell the Queen I'm here!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Of course my favorite is the grinning cat;)

Artfulife said...

These are just too darling. Sloan loved her Marry Lennox doll. She gasped when she saw it. The good kind of gasp, like she could hardly believe she got it. It was a priceless moment. Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas!