Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun Feathers

Birds of a feather .....

... in a love triangle....

The weather has been cold lately, meaning more wood fires (with Miss Pumpkin hogging the best spot in front of the stove).
For some reason, Rowdy insists on sitting in the freezing windowsill anyway, so he can watch the birds hopping through the yard in search of crumbs.

The second Alice was finished yesterday -- she has one of those perfect faces that reminds me of the first Alice doll. Dinah-the-cat is decked out for Valentine's Day, but Alice has a little wooden card all her own (no doubt from some admirer).


Roses and Lilacs said...

A fireplace or wood stove would suit me right now. I'm surprised your cats don't 'help' with your projects;)

Raggedy Angel said...

Oh I just love Alice.
Miss Pumpkin has the right idea...I am hogging the woodstove tonight! Beth