Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Ghost Girls

So here is one February mystery solved ... the mysterious floating figure shrouded in white is none other than ....

... our latest series, inspired by the likes of "Haunted Hollows" and "Ghostly Gallows", only with a more child-like macabre twist. Below is the first of (hopefully) a dozen dolls:

Our own little Woman in White

Inspired by the traditional ghost haunting public roadways (with a bit of Wilkie Collins thrown in for good measure), this wee ghostie is clad in raggedy cheesecloth and bits of vintage lace.

Ghosts, of course, don't need legs. Just flowing skirts that taper a bit at the bottom.

Happy Early Halloween from Cordwood Cabin -- this wee lady will be hitting the shelves soon in our shop or on Ebay...

But there's more surprises to come yet.

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Artfulife said...

What spooky good fun you are cooking up in the cabin. Can't wait to see the rest.