Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ta Da!

Sound the trumpets! Cordwood Cabin has finished renovating the "Cabin Crafts" line on Etsy, with all-new items ranging from miniature to magnifique!

Our new look is holiday-themed (complete with a new banner), featuring a series of affordable hand-made ornaments intermixed with our traditional OOAK pieces.

Such as the all-new "American Cracker Company" line -- our own take on the old-fashioned British tradition of the Christmas cracker ...

Sheets of printable, original graphics for Victorian-inspired Thaumatropes ...

... and hand-painted Christmas ornaments, including delicate wooden figures inspired by vintage handmades ...

and these blown-glass and crackled paint Balloon Ornaments representing a range of holidays.

In addition to these items, we'll continue to create OOAK series similar to our past Ebay ones, including an all-new line of Wonderland dolls and our mini-macabre Ghost Girls line.

Visit us HERE to see the all-new Cabin Crafts online ... and stay tuned for the debut of the first Wonderland doll of 2010.

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