Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Playlists

Cheesy, we know, but we can't seem to get enough of these babies. Compiling a list of songs beneath a mood-appropriate title like "Thoughts on Blowing Bubble Gum", only to toss them out a week later for a whole-new lineup.

Not that there was anything wrong with the first one, understand; there are just so many more titles to choose from, it's impossible not to create more...and more... and more lists. Oldies, rock, bluegrass, Celtic, pop, gospel -- it's all available. Including soundtrack favorites from "Napoleon Dynamite" if you should feel so inclined.

Our Favorites include: You'll see this one scrolling at the bottom of the blog now and then. Mood-appropriate music is practically the purpose of this site, since silly playlist titles abound and the selection is virtually limitless. This is where I build my best Christmas playlists and silliest song combos.

Pandora. The "build a radio station" theory is really appealing if you're seeking new artists instead of favorite songs. Feed them a name -- say, Audra McDonald -- and see how quickly it links you to similar artists whose music you may want to add to your electronic shopping list.

Live365. Similar to Pandora, this site streams using a thematic format, not a song-specific playlist. The variety, however, is mind-boggling; featuring radio stations and playlists from around the world for almost any genre. Find stations devoted to "White Christmas" renditions or oldies from the Drifters or Del Vikings.

Try a few of these when in the mood for music -- if you can settle on just one, that is. Good luck and happy listening!

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Lorraine said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! :o) I love's always fun to make lists of your fave songs!