Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paper Doll Projects

Battered, worn, or pulled-apart paper dolls of all kinds still have a lot of life in them -- making them the perfect choice for paper crafters and mixed media artists.

From old Disney characters to old-fashioned magazine cut-outs long ago played with and discarded, a handful of creative, innovative projects listed online by artists (both ours and other crafters) may give them a new lease on entertainment.

Creative gift tags, anyone? Pre-cut dolls and dresses find a new home on holiday packages here.

Wooden paper dolls? Find decoupage tips here for making mixed media designs with paper dolls and wooden surfaces, from jewelry boxes and doll closets to the basic steps for crafting wooden dolls for display or fun.

Design your own paper doll? Find tips here on creating something one of a kind or adapting a familiar choice

Find printable and public domain paper dolls here, complete with dolls, dresses, and a glimpse into the paper arts of long-ago (all free for use in personal craft projects).

How about a unique "cupcake doll" design inspired by the eighties doll craze? Click here for tips on crafting them for parties or afternoon fun.

Or click here to learn about creative fabric "paper doll" designs made from felt and other materials.

Creating something unique with worn-out paper dolls recycles those paper figures in need of a little TLC into something new and loveable. Test out of a few of today's designs on printed magazine cutouts or an old-box of wrinkled but wonderful images.

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Tins and Treasures said...

Thanks for the reminder...
I used to love to play with paperdolls when I was little. I wonder if they are all still in our attic in the Old Farmhouse?!

Have a fabulous Friday. ~Natalie