Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Printable Doll Patterns: The Age of Digital Design

Today, patterns for dolls and doll clothing are readily available online, with free and for-purchase designs delivered with the click of a mouse. Many are public domain reprints of vintage patterns from some of the top companies in the business, adding a touch of nostalgia to the modern industry.

But for many artists, the paper pattern is still the beloved choice. The feel of soft tissue designs, newspaper cutouts, and old-fashioned paper packets is as much a part of the sewing experience as scissors snipping through fabric layers. Even the option of digital doesn't tempt them away from the retail pattern racks or yard sale treasures from long-ago collections.

Many digital designers try to recreate the details of the paper pattern as much as possible: including original cover art, instructions, and other images from vintage packets. Transforming the paper medium into digital files and CD-ROM images helps keep the preserve the images and make the artwork available for an audience beyond collectors -- even if the traditional paper ensemble is less available.

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