Friday, April 15, 2011

Sculpting Things

Among my new year's resolutions is an artist's resolve to keep practicing projects I took up the previous year -- this includes the art of sculpting with paper mache, something I made a habit of doing every few months last year. The first attempt (made two years ago now) was a rough and extra-large version of the Nativity for an outdoor manger scene. The second, a small version of a ship's figurehead, was too narrow. The third, a larger ship's figurehead in the form of a bust, was much more successful.

Last Christmas, a box full of paper mache birds with wings stretched in flight and rough-shaped bodies of tropical breeds, all for a future holiday tree display.

One of Izannah Walker's Sculpted Dolls

Since then, I've sculpted a doll's head and limbs in a sort of rough Izannah Walker style; and drawn up sketches for busts resembling classic marble and vintage ceramics. The key is patience and time -- especially since the hobby requires coating the living room in newspaper and vinyl tablecloths, mixing large portions of flour paste and newspaper (plus boiling for a smooth and elaborate project). For some reason I keep to the floor instead of sensibly sitting at the table for these things.

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