Monday, February 4, 2008

Cats Love the Sudden Warm Honor of Mr. Cheshire, Of Course

{--Mouse basks in the sunshine......

This week is unseasonably proven by the happy cats outside. They love sunshine and balmy breezes. Unlike Angus, in his big shaggy coat, the cats require a lovely warm fire to be perfectly happy in the winter. So today was the day for them.

{-- (did I mention Angus is wooly?)

Today was also the day I finished the Cheshire Cat. I took his auction photos today, after I painted the "leaves" for his wire tree. I kept posing his head at all these different angles, showing off his wicked little Cheshire grin (the Cheshire Cat is such an enigma in the story...I never know quite what to make of him). He's my favorite character, however, so I often use his image as my online avatar.

Hopefully, Cupid will be finished in time for auction tomorrow...I've watched him being assembled today, his wooden wings being "primmed" and painted....

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Summer Swanson said...

Oh he is so great! I hope you guys are well after all the storms that were in Arkansas last night. Take care.