Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alice After Rabbits... And the Love Bug's Debut!

Above is Alice in Wonderland...only half-finished in the picture. It's always fascinating how prim and rough the basic dolls, yet how delicate the details that give them character. The personality of a seam line, the texture of cloth, the exact measure of pull to a thread defines the piece more than the picture in your head.

Also, the February Love Bug is finished and ready for her auction. Her little loose-wrapped limbs seem to move as we pose her, almost as if she was trying to wiggle away from us. Lots of heavy wire and make-do patches can be glimpsed under her paint, making her even more primitive than the Cold Bug. One of her pictures is posted above, a little ahead of time to show you what her fi
nished features look like.

The forecast calls for snow this week for the Cordwood Cabin. Good news for Angus, with his shaggy black coat, but the cats will be retreating inside the workshop for the heat from the wood stove. They have no interest in frosty blankets or snowdrifts in the woods.

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