Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feathered Friends

The theme this week seems to be Love Birds. My little fellow Papageno is pictured here. It's the first time I've combined my love of primitive art and opera (Mozart's Magic Flute)-- which proves that nothing is impossible in art. I wanted to make a little music box for his magic chimes, like the one I saw in live performance, but I didn't have time to find the proper inspiration. So he has a birdcage and rusty bell instead.

Rose Mary's lovely little lady holds two love birds in her arms...they sort of inspired me with Papageno. I love their soft colors in pale green and pink. They seem on the verge of kissing (very romantic)....

This is also the week for Alice in Yellow (the looking glass version) and the Mad Hatter -- he was so complicated to finish, I almost willed him into being. Somehow Tenniel's sketches seemed harder to match than usual, trying to paint all those little checks and sculpt his broad nose on a flat doll's face. But I'm quite proud of his finished expression, his heavy top hat and perfect little pocketwatch. Pictures of the tea party will be posted soon.

The workshop has been covered in sawdust lately (literally abuzz, if you'll excuse the pun), since we're trying a new wood pattern for the shop and auctions. Poppy-the-cat wanders around in the wood shop, even when the saw is running. His profile makes me want to sew Tuxedo cats, since he's white-chested with white paws and toes.
{-- Poppy squeezing through the gate and into the yard: neutral ground and haven to all cats and four-legged/two-legged creatures.


Summer Swanson said...

How are you all? I wanted to thank you because I recieved my White Rabbit today. I am so thankful for the little Dinah cat that you sent along with it. What a treat. Of corse now I will have to have the Mad Hatter doll. Do you think you will make a Tweedle Dee and a Tweedle Dumb set of dolls? That would be so cute. Thanks again and I look forward to talking to you again.

Summer Swanson said...

P.S. I love Jessie Wilcox Smith. She was an amazing artist. I used to have a calendar of hers years ago called "Mother and child." It was one of my favorites. I have to admit I don't know much about her or her range of illustrations. I plan on going to the library this weekend to find out more about this talented artist. Thanks for reminding me about her.