Monday, January 28, 2008

"Tagging" Artists Worthy of Praise ... The Cart Before the Horse and Other Art Inspirations

Following our artist friend Summer's footsteps, we've added The Cart Before the Horse blog to our links page. These amazing Ebay artists are worth visiting, and owning one of their pieces is beyond measure for art lovers. Please check out their blog and their weekly Ebay listings for more details. They've inspired us with their craftsmanship and creativity... we watch for the new listings every Sunday to see the latest concepts from their workshop and the debut is never disappointing. Their blog at also includes "back issues" of their newsletters so you can catch up on previous projects, photos, and personal reflections.

For fellow artists in search of new creative measures, we also recommend visiting Prim Mart's online forum -- their Learning Center link is full of free tips, patterns, links, and projects for traditional and alternative arts. With everything from needlsculpting noses to paper-mache pulp, it's a virtual troubleshooting guide for artists in need of answers and tips. Follow the Online Community link at .

Last, but not least, alternative artist Karen Hatzigeorgiou's website is filled with unique artistry in the form of books and collages. Her work is creative and personal, drawing inspiration from forgotton treasures and art long ago forgotten and tucked in nooks and crannies. She also devotes a page to copyright free images for artists to browse through and incorporate in their own projects. The old-fashioned illustrations, vignettes, greeting cards, and sketches are beautifully rendered and perfect for primitive projects (special thanks to her site for providing the image for the Love Bug's Valentines card). Visit her creativity at

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