Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Workshop After Christmas....

We're hard at work on January's auctions and the new shop, now that all the Christmas cookies have been eaten. A half-finished needle-felted llama waits for his black bead eyes. We tried a new method of wrag-wrapping to create his knobby little legs and a wire skeleton built into his body to make him really flexible.
We have fun making them "run", "jump", and sprawl out wide since they're so poseable.

Speaking of poseable, the February bug is half-done and posing for a picture above. Her limbs aren't wrag-wrapped yet, but she can stand with support behind her back. I'm currently button-holing her wings so they'll be poseable -- her features were quilted on the day before. She's quite a ham -- much more so than Jan's the Cold Bug, who looks so mournful on his auction page. Feel free to stop by Ebay and check him out...there's lots of close-ups of his face and blue bug body.
We'll be issuing a new line of grungy vintage-style pincushions (hopefully!!) along with a new line of folk art dolls, so keep watching for them!!!

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