Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alice's White Rabbit and Valentine's Prim Ladies

Alice's newest friends is finally ready for auction. The White Rabbit was something of a challenge to do differently...we wanted to give him an "old wooden toy" feel, so we sculpted his limbs from paper mache. With a little paint and primming, it looks almost like the real thing. Originally, I had planned a waistcoat and gloves, the White Rabbit's first appearance in the story. But Tenniel's illustration of the Knave's trial was perfectly in keeping with the Valentine's theme these first few dolls created.

Speaking of Valentines, the early primitives style gets a nod from Caroline and Tilda. The "Bee Mine" doll is my favorite, but our little Valentines postlady (seated above with the Love Bug and Alice's White Rabbit) is soft and plushy like a little girl's doll of old.

The lady Love Bug finally gets her chance at auction, along with the others this week....I'm looking forward to moving on to March's "Jitter Bug", since I love making those little boots like the Cold Bug's. And the newest installment of the Plain and Prim series will be coming up soon, along with a special feature or two when our shop opens this month -- only a week or so left until debut!

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